SHIATZY CHEN X DISNEY Presents A Special Collection

Since ancient times, people have had infinite imagination about the mysterious Dunhuang, and navigated the Silk Road that has promoted the exchanges of Eastern and Western civilizations as stepping-stone. Appreciating the frescoes in the Dunhuang Caves along the Silk Road avails us of the opportunity to have a clue of how the ancients record daily exchanges of different civilizations. Frescoes function beyond mere carriers; they have transcended reality and reflected an inclusive platform on which our diversified species understood and respected one another. They are also the fruits of civilization born into the environment in which different nations share philosophy. 

The continuous linear structure of ink paintings is echoed by the rich, exaggerated, illustrious scientific digital structure of Mickey, adding to each other's splendour; the patterns of Mickey are spliced by knitting and twisting of yarns. Jacquard weave and chiffon lace are matched with sporty skinny jeans, delivering a breathtaking combination of classic and avant-garde. The geometric totem is drawn with rubber printing materials, breaking the difference between Eastern and Western styles. With the multi-angle composition of Chinese landscape paintings, elements like animals, buildings and landscapes are reconstructed after deconstruction to unfold the mystical aura of the Dunhuang. The paper folding art is also combined to be compatibel with the difference in international aesthetics, and the distant and mysterious artistic conception of Chinese landscape paintings is retained to give a different experience to Mickey and his friends. 

In 2018, at the 40th anniversary of SHIATZY CHEN along with the philosophy "Same Core", SHIATZY CHEN invited Disney's classic character Mickey to collaborate in the blissful adventure. The interaction and connection between the animals of Dunhuang frescoes and Mickey created a brand new collection. SHIATZY CHEN announced the collaboration during the Fall Winter 2018 Paris Fashion Week. The campaign of the collection was shot in London by prominent German photographer Serena Becker. Three female models and one male model posed for the SHIATZY CHEN x DISNEY collection in an easy and lively manner, creating a nifty, shocking visual effect.`