SHIATZY CHEN Malaysia has yet again achieved another milestone with the opening of its second store in Pavilion KL, one of the most awarded and premier shopping mall in the region. A brand that often showcases the delicate fusion of the East and West with an emphasis on traditional Chinese craftsmanship, SHIATZY CHEN Pavilion KL differs from the first flagship store in Starhill Gallery with a fresh and simpler interior yet retaining its luxurious ambient with cream colored walls and furniture contrasting the darker shades of wooden display. 

The label's essence comes to light with a new retail experience. Designed by Australian based multi-award winning LAYAN DESIGN led by Johannes Hartfuss, the new and sophisticated concept for the store encompasses all that is unique to the label. Launched in 2013, the new concept can now be seen in flagship stores of the label such as Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo and Hong Kong and multiple locations in Shanghai, Beijing and other parts of Mainland China and Taiwan.

The new interior design is driven by refinement of details. Using brighter and lighter color tones, luxurious and silky finishes with dark timber shelving and inlaid triangular dark metal pieces glittering through the space giving it a dramatic contrast of light and dark colors. A significant change can be seen with the reinterpretation of traditional Chinese screen. LAYAN's design has metamorphosed it into a contemporary elegant piece, a recurring element within the new store. The delicate laser cut metal screen can be seen within accessories shelves and feature panel in the store's windows. 

Boasting a spacious luxuriuous VIP room with shelves of Cha Cha The displays and products, a lifestyle component of the label, VIPs and customers are treated to an array of minimalist tea accessories to classic high mountain Taiwanese tea packaged in contemporary and colorful boxes. VIPs and customers can also unwind from their shopping spree and enjoy a cozy and relaxing experience in the SHIATZY CHEN SALON with special order of food and beverage from within the mall.