A Regal Exhibition by SHIATZY CHEN

SHIATZY CHEN was invited by Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to participate as a brand partner in the "A Regal Celebration" event in conjunction with their annual Chinese New Year celebration. A total of 16 neo-Chinese chic style with SHIATZY CHEN's classic and gorgeous costumes was exhibited to celebrate the 2019 Lunar New Year. 

The exhibition was unique and full of ingenuity. Mandarin collared jackets to match dresses with multiple techniques of fine and intricate embroideries that were interspersed with handmade beadwork details. 

Skirts were made of rich layers organza and delicate lace, creating three-dimensional layering and the alternating beauty of the flow creates a delicate and beautiful silhouette. 

The matching accessories such as belts with bronze or gold buckle and jade to emphasize a woman's silhouette creating a beautiful flow and movement. Not forgetting the luxurious fur to accentuate and enhance the richness and exquisiteness of an imperial palace setting. 

In addition, SHIATZY CHEN uses Chinese culture ingenuity to integrate Qing Palace colors such as majestic red and regal green into modern clothes, bringing out the unique elegance of the East. 

The Chinese culture is profound and were interpreted in a contemporary spirit with renewal of Venetian inspiration that brings out the beauty and regality of day and night, giving a visual feast that touches one's heart.